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HMT120 User Guide

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To mount the transmitter on a wall:
  1. Remove the transmitter cover.
  2. Make sure that the transmitter is correctly aligned and attach it directly to the wall with up to four screws (not included in the package). Figure 1 shows the distances between attachment points.
    CAUTION It is possible to damage the display when tightening the screws, as there is not much room between the upper fastening holes and the exposed display component. Be particularly careful when using a cordless drill.
    Figure 1. Wall mounting measurements
    Select the size and type of the fastening screws according to the wall material (for example, wood or stone). Even though using all four screws is strongly recommended, the transmitter enclosure fastening holes are initially covered with a thin plastic membrane, so less than four screws could also be used without sacrificing the ingress protection (IP) class of the enclosure. The diameter of the fastening screws is typically 3.5 … 4 mm (0.14 … 0.16 in).