Error messages in Insight software - HMP110 - HMP113 - HMP60 - HMP63 - SWINSIGHT10

HMP60 and HMP110 Series User Guide

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Table 1. Error messages in Insight software
Error Likely cause Suggested solution
Temperature measurement error. [44] Temperature sensor is short circuited, damaged, or missing. Check that the legs of the temperature sensor are not short circuited. Contact Vaisala if the temperature sensor is damaged.
Humidity measurement error. [45] Humidity sensor is wet. Wait for the humidity sensor to dry, or remove the filter and gently dry the sensors and the filter with clean instrument air.
Humidity sensor failure. [46] Humidity sensor is damaged or missing. Replace the humidity sensor or contact Vaisala.
Ambient temperature out of range. [48] Ambient temperature is too high. Lower the temperature at the installation site.
Supply voltage out of range. [55] Supply voltage is too low. Check and correct the power supply and wiring.
Capacitance reference error. [47] Internal transmitter failure. Power-cycle the device, and if necessary, restore the factory settings. If the error remains, contact Vaisala.
Firmware checksum mismatch. [49]
Device settings corrupted. [50]
Additional configuration settings corrupted. [51]
Sensor coefficients corrupted. [52]
Main configuration settings corrupted. [53]
Non-volatile memory read/write failure. [57]
Calibration certificate checksum mismatch. [58]

In case of constant error, contact Vaisala.