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HMP60 and HMP110 Series User Guide

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To perform a multi-point adjustment (3 … 5 adjustment points) to the RH measurement of the HMP110 or HMP113 probe with Insight PC software you need:

  • Vaisala USB cable (item code 219690)
  • Computer with a Microsoft Windows® operating system (64-bit version and Vaisala Insight PC software installed. Insight PC software can be downloaded at
  • 3 … 5 humidity references. For reference examples for a 5-point adjustment, see Table 1.
For more information on using a humidity calibrator and salt chamber references, see Vaisala Humidity Calibrator HMK15 User Guide M210185EN.
A 2-point adjustment (close to the low and high ends of the used RH range) is enough to reach the specified accuracy over the whole range. However, if your standards or operating procedures explicitly require 3...5 adjustment points, perform a multipoint adjustment (3 … 5 points) with Insight PC software.
Table 1. Adjustment reference examples for 5-point adjustment
Salt chamber solution RH at 25 °C
LiCl 11.3 %RH 1
MgCl 32.8 %RH 1
NaCl 75.3 %RH 1
KCl 84.3 %RH 1
K2SO4 97.3 %RH 1

The following 5-point adjustment example procedure uses the Vaisala HMK15 Humidity Calibrator. LiCl salt (11.3 %RH) is used as the first reference point, and following 4 references are as shown in Table 1.

  1. Open the Insight software on your PC.
    Note that you must use Insight in the Advanced Mode user mode to carry out a multipoint adjustment (3 … 5 adjustment points). The user mode selection is done in the Insight Settings menu.
  2. Connect the probe to the PC with USB cable 219690 and wait for Insight to detect the probe.
  3. To open the Insight PC software calibration menu, select to access Insight main menu. In the main menu, select Calibrate, and then open the RH adjustment tab.
  4. Remove the filter from the probe and insert the probe in the LiCl salt chamber of the humidity calibrator (11.3 %RH).
  5. Wait for the measurement to stabilize fully. The graph shows the readings of the last 60 minutes.
  6. When the measurement has stabilized, click the Reference value, point 1 field and enter the RH level of calibration point 1 (11.3 %RH). Press ENTER or click outside the field when done.
  7. Check that the measured value(s) for point 1 are automatically inserted.
  8. Repeat steps 47 for the remaining 4 reference humidities (see Table 1).
  9. Check the difference between each reference and measured value. Very large differences may be due to insufficient stabilization time or unsuitable calibration setup.

    If you want to adjust the device, select Activate adjustment.

    To exit without taking the adjustment in use, select Close.

  10. After adjusting your device, update the information in the Calibration information tab.
1 See Greenspan's calibration table in Vaisala Humidity Calibrator HMK15 User Guide M210185EN for salt reference humidity uncertainties in different temperatures.