Adjustment procedure using Vaisala Insight PC software (HMP110 and HMP113) - HMP110 - HMP113 - HMP60 - HMP63

HMP60 and HMP110 Series User Guide

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Figure 1. HMP110 Insight PC software RH calibration view example

You can adjust all HMP110 and HMP113 measurement parameters by connecting the probe to Vaisala Insight PC software. Relative humidity can be adjusted in 1 … 5 points, and temperature with a 1-point or 2-point adjustment.

Calibrating and adjusting measurements with Insight PC software requires the following:
  • Vaisala USB cable (item code 219690)
  • Computer with a Microsoft Windows® operating system (64-bit version and Vaisala Insight PC software installed. Insight PC software can be downloaded at
  • Humidity or temperature references for the adjustment points (1 … 5 for RH, 1 or 2 for temperature). For an example of RH references for a 5-point adjustment using Vaisala Humidity Calibrator HMK15, see Table 1.
2 adjustment points (close to the low and high ends of the used RH range) is enough to reach the specified accuracy over the whole range. However, if your standards or operating procedures explicitly require 3...5 adjustment points, you can perform a multipoint adjustment (3 … 5 points) with Insight PC software. Note that RH adjustment in more than 2 points (3 … 5 points) requires using Insight PC software in the Advanced Mode user mode. The user mode selection is done in the Insight Settings menu.
If you have a list of previously collected calibration readings (for example, from a 3rd party laboratory calibration), you can adjust the device with Insight PC software without having to generate the calibration conditions and wait for stabilization. For instructions, see Adjustment in Insight using previously measured values (HMP110 and HMP113).