Accessing serial line command interface from analog or Modbus mode - HMP110 - HMP113 - HMP60 - HMP63

HMP60 and HMP110 Series User Guide

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Follow the steps below to connect to the serial line when the probe is in analog or Modbus mode. You can also use the procedure to retrieve the communication settings of your device, if you do not know them. You must use the Vaisala USB cable (Vaisala item code 219690) in this case.

  1. Connect the USB cable to the PC and install the driver, if necessary. Do not connect the cable to the probe yet.
  2. Open the terminal program and open a connection to the corresponding COM port using the default settings 19200, 8, N, 1, no flow control.
  3. Select the Serial settings category, and check that the Serial line to connect to field contains the correct COM port.

    To check which port the USB cable is using, select Start > Vaisala > Vaisala USB Instrument Finder.

  4. To open the connection window and start using the serial line, select Open.
  5. Keep the ENTER key pressed down and connect the other end of the USB cable to the probe. This causes the probe to start in RS-485 mode, using the default serial settings. You can now use the probe with the terminal program.
  6. To prevent the analog or Modbus mode from being restored on the next power-up, select a different serial mode with the smode command.
  7. To switch back to analog mode or Modbus mode from a serial mode, use the smode analog or smode modbus command to select analog or Modbus mode. Reset or power cycle the probe to restart in the selected mode.
    The probe cannot be used with the MI70 handheld indicator or the HM40 meter when the probe is in analog mode. To use the probe with MI70 or HM40, enable a serial mode (for example, STOP) as instructed above.