Set serial interface mode - HMP110 - HMP113 - HMP60 - HMP63

HMP60 and HMP110 Series User Guide

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Use the SMODE command to set the operation mode of the serial interface. The new mode is applied when probe is reset.

SMODE [xxx]<cr>

Syntax Description
xxx Operation mode of the serial interface.
Table 1. Serial interface modes
Mode Description
STOP Probe outputs only when a command is issued. Any command can be used.
RUN Probe automatically outputs measurement messages on the serial line. Only command S or the ESC key can be used to stop the output.

Probe outputs only when a command is issued. Probes communicate one at a time when the specific address is called on the serial line, which is useful when more than one probe is connected to one serial bus. Any command can be used after the line has been opened using the OPEN command.

See descriptions of the commands ADDR and OPEN.

MODBUS Measurement outputs must be read from the transmitter using the Modbus protocol. For more information, see Modbus communication and Modbus reference.
VDIGI Special serial interface mode that is only used for interoperability with Vaisala devices such as HMT120, HMT130, and HM40. This mode is set at Vaisala for probes that are ordered for such use.
ANALOG No serial line, analog outputs active. For instructions on how to enter the serial line when in analog mode, see Accessing serial line command interface from analog or Modbus mode. Note that analog output channels are not available in the digital-only HMP110. See Output options.

Example (check current mode):

Serial mode    :     STOP     ?

Example (change mode to POLL mode):

smode poll
Serial mode    :     POLL
In the RUN mode, the probe may send the measurement data message right as you are typing the S command to stop the sending. Therefore, you may need to repeat the S command. This must be noted especially when designing computer programs to access the probe.
The digital-only HMP110 probe option cannot be set to analog mode.