List of serial commands - HMP110 - HMP113 - HMP60 - HMP63

HMP60 and HMP110 Series User Guide

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You can issue all commands either in uppercase or lowercase. In the command examples, the keyboard input by the user is in bold type.

The notation <cr> refers to pressing the carriage return (ENTER key on your computer keyboard). Press ESC to clear the command buffer before starting to enter commands.

Table 1. List of serial commands (software version 2.4.0)
Command Description
? Output information about the device
AERR Set analog output error level
AMODE View or set the analog output mode
AOVER [ON/OFF] Allow analog outputs to exceed their range 10 %
ASEL Set analog output parameters and scaling
CDATE View or set the calibration date
CODE View the order code of the probe
CRH Calibrate and adjust RH measurement
CRHCLR Clear adjustment of RH measurement
CT Calibrate and adjust T measurement
CTCLR Clear adjustment of T measurement
CTEXT View or set the calibration information field
ERRS List present probe errors
FILT [0.001 ... 1] Set the result filtering
FRESTORE Restore factory settings
HELP List available commands
INTV [0 ... 255 S/MIN/H] Set the continuous output interval (for RUN mode)
L Displays user adjustment parameters
R Start the continuous outputting
RESET Reset the probe
RHLIMIT Extend maximum RH reading
S Stop the continuous outputting
SDELAY [0 ... 255] View or set serial line answer minimum delay
SEND [0 ... 255] Output the reading once
SNUM View the serial number of the probe
UNIT Select metric or non-metric output units
VERS View software version of the probe
Table 2. Additional commands for probes with RS-485 output
Command Description
?? Output information about the device in POLL mode
ADDR [0 ... 255] Set the probe address (for POLL mode)
CLOSE Close the temporary connection (Back to POLL mode)
OPEN [0 ... 255] Open a temporary connection to a POLL mode device
SERI [baud p d s] User Port settings (Default: 19200 N 8 1) baud: 300 ... 57600
SMODE [STOP/RUN/POLL/MODBUS/VDIGI/ANALOG] Set the serial interface mode