1-point adjustment of temperature measurement using MI70 indicator (HMP110 and HMP113) - HMP110 - HMP113 - HMP60 - HMP63 - MI70

HMP60 and HMP110 Series User Guide

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Temperature adjustment can be done if there is reason to believe that the adjustment is changed. In a 1-point adjustment, make sure the reference condition represents the measuring environment.

To perform a 1-point adjustment to the temperature measurement of the HMP110 or HMP113 using the MI70 indicator, you need:

  • MI70 indicator
  • Connection cable for MI70 indicator (Vaisala item code 219980)
  • One known and stable temperature reference
  1. Connect the probe to Port I of the MI70 indicator.
  2. Turn on the MI70 indicator.
  3. Start the adjustment sequence from Main menu > Functions > Adjustments.
  4. MI70 notifies you that automatic power off is disabled during adjustment mode, press OK to acknowledge.
  5. Select the T parameter when prompted.
  6. Now the adjustment mode is on, press ADJUST to select the adjustment method.
  7. Select 1-point adjustment, press SELECT.
  8. Set the probe to a reference temperature. You can follow the stabilization from the GRAPH display. Press READY when the reading is stabilized in the reference.
  9. Give the reference temperature value by using the arrow buttons. Press OK.
  10. Confirm the adjustment, press YES (by pressing NO you return to adjustment mode display and no changes are made).
  11. Calibration is carried out. Press BACK to exit the adjustment mode and EXIT to return to the basic display.