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All commands can be issued either in uppercase or lowercase.

The notation <cr> refers to pressing the carriage return (ENTER) key on your computer keyboard. Enter a <cr> to clear the command buffer before starting to enter commands.

Table 1. Basic Serial Commands
Command Description
? Show module information
?? Show module information (when in poll mode)
ADDR [0 ... 99] Set the module address (for POLL mode)
CALCS Show measured quantities
CLOSE Close the temporary connection (returns to POLL mode)
ECHO [ON/OFF] Set terminal echo
ENV Set environmental parameters
ERRS Display active errors
HELP List available commands
INTV [0 ... 255 S/MIN/H] Set the continuous output interval (for RUN mode)
OPEN [0 ... 99] Open a temporary connection to a POLL mode device
PASS [passcode] Access advanced commands (requires passcode)
R Start the continuous outputting
RESET Resets the module
RESTORE Restores the latest saved settings (overwrites unsaved settings)
S Stop the continuous outputting
SAVE Save changed settings to memory
SEND [0 ... 99] Output the reading once
SERI [baud p d s] User Port settings (Default: 19200 N 8 1) baud: 300 ... 115200
STATUS Show analog output status
SYSTEM Show module information and build date
VERS Show software version of the module
XPRES Set the value for pressure compensations, temporarily
Table 2. Advanced Serial Commands
Command Description
ACAL Calibrate analog output
AMODE Set/show analog output mode
ASEL [RH/TD] Set/show analog output quantities and scaling
ATEST Test analog output; forces the output to the given value
CALINFO Set/show calibration info
CRH Calibrate humidity measurement after
CT Calibrate temperature measurement
FRESTORE Restore all module settings to factory defaults
L Show user adjustment parameters
LI Set user adjustment parameters
SMODE [STOP/RUN/POLL] Set the serial interface mode
ZERO Set correction by trimmers to zero