Installing the Probe - HMM100

HMM100 User Guide

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  1. Select the mounting location for the probe.
    • The probe should be entirely in the measurement environment, with sufficient distance to the outer walls of the chamber or duct. Air should flow freely around the probe.
    • The probe location should represent well the environmental or process conditions, and it should be as clean as possible.
  2. Install the probe in the location. Use the probe mounting clamp (Vaisala order code 226067) if needed. See Mounting HMM100 Probe to Mounting Clamp.
    • Insert enough cable to the same space with the probe in order to prevent heat conduction, and to make it easy to move the probe when performing a calibration.
    • If you cannot install the probe entirely in the measurement environment, you can use the probe mounting flange (Vaisala order code 226061) to mount the probe through the chamber wall. This installation method is recommended for the 400-mm-long probe option only, as the risk of heat conduction to the sensor is smaller than with the shorter, standard-length probe.
  3. Seal the cable pass-through using the probe mounting flange or silicone sealant.
    If you seal the cable pass-through using silicone sealant, do not use a sealant that releases acetic acid when curing. Acetic acid may damage the HUMICAP sensor in the probe.