Changing Filter - HMM100

HMM100 User Guide

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The filter on the probe should be replaced when it is damaged or dirty. Do not attempt to clean the filter using compressed air, solvents, or mechanical action. Wiping the filter may block its pores and/or deposit residue on the filter.
  1. Turn the filter counter-clockwise to loosen it.
  2. Remove the filter from the probe. Be careful not to touch the sensors with the filter. Without the filter in place, the sensors are easily damaged – handle the probe carefully.
  3. Check that the O-ring is undamaged and in place.
  4. Install a new filter on the probe, and tighten it so it is finger-tight. Make sure the filter sits straight and meets the threads properly.

New filters can be ordered from Vaisala. For available filters, see Filter Types. For order codes of the filters, see Accessories.