Analog Output Error Notification - HMM100

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If the module is unable to measure due to an error, the analog output will be set to an error level. The error level depends on the currently selected analog output mode; see the following table.

Table 1. Error Levels for Analog Output Modes
Analog Output Mode Default Error Level Maximum Value
0 ... 1 V 0 V 2 V
0 ... 5 V 0 V 6 V
0 ... 10 V 0 V 12 V
0 ... 20 mA 0 mA 30 mA
4 ... 20 mA 3.8 mA 30 mA

You can check the current status of the analog output via the serial interface by using the STATUS command. You can also disable this error notification behavior; see Show Analog Output Status.

If the error state voltage exceeds the normal output range, the minimum required supply voltage is higher. As a rule, add one volt to the supply voltage to get one additional volt from the signal. See Table 4. For example, for a 0 … 5 V output, a 6 V error state needs an 11 V supply voltage.