Vaisala short pole masts - DKP202W - DKP203W - DKP204W - DKP204W-CAMPOLE

DKP202, DKP203, DKP204, and DKP204W-CAMPOLE User Guide

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Vaisala short pole masts are designed for different kinds of weather station applications.

The short pole mast delivery includes the pole mast and the foundation set. The foundation set includes all the galvanized structural steel parts that are needed to construct a steady and correctly oriented base for the mast. The only additional item needed at the installation site is concrete, or an existing concrete block. With the optional leveling/welding plate, you can install the mast also to metal surfaces.

With the optional tilt division flange, you can make the mast tiltable. When the mast is equipped with the tilt division flange, one maintenance person can effortlessly lower the mast to maintain the sensors and other equipment installed on the mast. This reduces the maintenance costs of the automatic weather station. Note, however, that the number of persons needed depends on local safety regulations.

The optional air terminal protects the sensors and other equipment against lightning strikes.

With short pole masts, an air terminal is only necessary when the mast is installed high (for example, on a roof of a high building).