Installing air terminal - DKP206AV - DKP206W - DKP210AV - DKP210W

DKP206 and DKP210 User Guide

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Lightning protection is provided with an air terminal that is placed to the highest point of the mast. From the air terminal a down conductor runs to the grounding connector at the base of the mast.

WARNING Lightning protection is required to prevent injury and damage to equipment due to direct lightning strikes and lightning-induced current surges.
CAUTION To prevent equipment damage, install an air terminal so that the tip is as high above the instruments and sensors as possible.
CAUTION Install the down conductor on the opposite side of the mast from the other cables.
CAUTION Keep the curve of the down conductor smooth with a minimum radius of the bent cable 20 cm (8 in) and never over 90° angles.
CAUTION The installation of the air terminal as instructed by Vaisala is based on international IEC standards. This means routing the down conductor along the side of the mast and connecting the lightning protection grounding and equipment grounding to a grounding connector at the base of the mast. If local and state legislation and regulations are different from the Vaisala installation instructions, it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that that grounding and lightning protection comply with local and state legislation and regulations.
To prevent corrosion, oxidation, and seizing, use a non‑conductive, non‑water‑soluble, non‑silicone‑based grease, such as ceramic or Teflon paste, between different kinds of metal.

For lightning protection instructions, see DKL201 and DKL202 Installation Guide (M211785EN).