Reference calculations for foundations - DKP206W - DKP206AV - DKP210W - DKP210AV

DKP206 and DKP210 User Guide

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Always design the foundation based on the site conditions and requirements, and take into account the height of the mast, the area and weight of the mast and the instruments on it, soil quality, wind load, and other conditions on the site.
CAUTION All design values mentioned in this manual are purely indicative. Vaisala does not take responsibility for their applicability to the area in question.
CAUTION Always consult a local civil engineer about the foundation design and to find out about the soil and frost conditions in the area. When the soil is frost-susceptible, always use proper insulation.
CAUTION For the mast base installation, the soil bearing capacity must be at least 45 kPa (940 pounds-force/ft2).

In a groundwater area, the foundation must be deeper or wider.

In an area with frost-susceptible soil, the foundation must reach below the soil frost penetration depth or sufficient foundation depth.

A slab foundation is recommended. If the site is unsuitable for a slab foundation, choose a different site.

The mast foundation instructions in this manual apply to both reference calculations when you use one or two sets of guy wires, like in the examples.

This document describes a typical example of a mast foundation.