Lowering mast - DKP200

DKP206 and DKP210 User Guide

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Allen key
Warning Be careful when erecting or lowering the mast. Check that there are no power lines or other obstacles above the mast or close to the guy wires.
Warning Do not stand under the mast when it is being erected or lowered.
Warning Damaged or severely worn parts can cause incorrect operation or accidents. Check the winch before each use. Do not use the winch if it is damaged or not working properly.
Wear protective eyewear, gloves, and a safety helmet.
  1. Install the winch on the mast.

    For instructions, see Winch DKW200 Technical Reference.

  2. Locate guy wire 1 that is on the same side as the lifting rod.
  3. To disconnect the guy wire, open the shackle.
    Warning Before disconnecting the guy wire, make sure the winch is installed securely on the mast and the winch hook is attached to the plate lug of the lifting rod.
    Warning Disconnected guy wires may present a safety hazard. Make sure your clothing and equipment do not get tangled in the wires.
    Guy wire
    Eye nut (connected to the guy wire block)
  4. Open the mast hinge.
    Warning Before you open the mast hinge, make sure the winch and the winch hook are firmly in place.
    Warning Carefully check how to open the hinge or the mast may tilt over. Do not open the hinge axle.
    Hex bolt (4 pcs)
    Spring washer (4 pcs)
    Flat washer (4 pcs)
  5. For instructions about using the winch to lower the mast, see Winch DKW200 Technical Reference.