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Finding a suitable site for the product is important for getting representative ambient measurements. Make sure that the site represents the general area of interest.

Allow sufficient clearance for the wind sensors. Do not install wind sensors next to a building or any other object that can affect the flow of air.
CAUTION Installations on top of high buildings or masts and in sites on open grounds are vulnerable to lightning strikes. A nearby lightning strike may induce a high-voltage surge not tolerable by the internal surge suppressors of the instrument. Additional protection is needed in regions with frequent, severe thunderstorms, especially when long line cables (>30 m (98 ft)) are used. Vaisala recommends using a surge protector, such as WSP150, in all sites with an elevated risk of a lightning strike.
Figure 1. Recommended mast location in open area

Any object of height (h) does not remarkably disturb wind measurement at a minimum distance of 10 × h. There must be at least 150 m (500 ft) open area in all directions from the mast. Minimum distance between the mast and obstacles is ten times the height of an obstacle.

Figure 2. Recommended mast length on top of building

The recommended minimum length (h) for the mast that is installed on the top of a building is 1.5 times the height of the building (H). When the diagonal (W) is less than the height (H) the minimum length of the mast is 1.5 × W.