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WAT12 User Guide

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WAT12 analog wind transmitter converts the digital data supplied by Vaisala WA15 and WA25 wind sensors into 2 industry standard analog current loops; one representing the wind speed and the other the wind direction. The current loops are suitable for connection to, for example, chart recorders, analog or digital panel meters, analog inputs of computers, or other instruments with an analog input interface. Sensor power is also supplied through WAT12 transmitter. The transmitter accepts a wide range of input power: 12 … 28 VDC.

Flange for mounting Vaisala anemometer
Junction box containing the circuit box
Flange for mounting Vaisala wind vane

WAT12 consists of a printed circuit board unit in a junction box and a cross arm for mounting the wind sensors. A 4-wire cable for the wind speed and direction signals and power supply is needed between the transmitter and the receiving end.

The loop current is user selectable. The loops are supplied by high-side drivers with a return to the signal and power ground; thus nearly any input type can be driven.