Reassembling the wind vane - WAV151

WAV151 User Guide

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  1. Attach the top bearing.
  2. Attach the shaft through the upper body.
  3. Attach the lower bearing.
  4. Attach the internal retaining ring at the bottom of the shaft.
  5. Attach the spacer ring.
  6. Attach the external retaining ring.
    Be careful when handling the new ball bearings. Do not drop them or force them onto the shaft.
  7. Attach the code disc back onto the shaft and tighten the fixing screw of the code disc.
    CAUTION Make sure that the code disc does not touch the opto-coupler on the printed circuit board.
  8. Attach the heating element outlet to the printed circuit board.
    Put the printed circuit board in place and fasten it with spacers.
  9. Put the lower body assembly carefully into place.

    Make sure that the bigger O-ring positioned between the upper and the lower sensor bodies is in place and fasten the three screws at the bottom of the sensor.

    Vaisala recommends replacing the O-rings with new ones before reassembling.
  10. Tighten the hexagon nut of the connector.
  11. Connect the cable plug to the sensor body connector and fasten the sensor body on the cross arm with 3 screws.
  12. Mount the vane assembly onto the sensor body. Tighten the screw.
    CAUTION Replacing the heating resistance element requires special tools. To avoid any damages, Vaisala recommends that the manufacturer replaces the heating element.

    The wind vane is counter-balanced at the factory but you can readjust it, if necessary. To do this, loosen the vane assembly and place it on its side on the table. A correctly balanced vane stays in horizontal position.