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Table 1. Troubleshooting wind vane
Problem Probable cause Remedy
The data is not received from the sensor. The sensor is mechanically damaged. Check the cables and connectors.
After removing the connector's hexagon nut, the connector is bent, which breaks the connection wires. Check the connector.
The sensor is not powered properly. Make sure that the supply voltage is from 9.5 ... 15.5 V DC.
Some Vaisala products, for example, WAT12, switch power on to the sensor only for a very short period (200 ... 500 s). Make sure that the sensor output rises above Uin - 1.5 V at the end of the power pulse.
The sensor shaft is covered with ice and snow. The heating element does not function. Send the sensor to Vaisala for repair. See Product returns.
The heating element is not properly connected. Open the sensor and make sure that the heating element outlet is connected to the connector on the printed circuit board. See Replacing consumables.
The output from the connector pins C to H do not have the right code or are not at the proper level. The printed circuit board is damaged. Replace the printed circuit board. See Replacing consumables.
Current consumption is either less than 17 mA or more than 25 mA when the shaft is rotated mechanically.