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Check the diameter of your probe from the probe's user documentation, available at


  • HMK15 standard chamber cover with four measurement holes
  • For 12, 13.5, and 18.5 mm diameter probes
  • Ø18.5-mm hole for HPP270 series probes
  • Suitable for use with a wide variety of Vaisala humidity products, including older ones




  • Cover with four measurement holes for DMT132 and HMP60/HMP110 probes with filter, or other 12 mm diameter probes
  • Topmost hole for DMT132 probe with filter on
  • Item code of cover: 230914




  • Cover with four measurement holes for HMP110 probes with filter on
  • Topmost hole (Ø13.5 mm) for the thermometer delivered with HMK15
  • Suitable for most current 12 mm diameter probe models, especially when calibration with the filter on is required
  • Item code of cover: 253277SP