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When you connect the refractometer to a powered PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch, the indicator lights light up. The following figure shows an example of the indicators on a PoE switch. One indicator shows that the instrument is drawing power, another indicator (next to the Ethernet connector) shows the connection status. In the figure, a 100 Mbit/s connection is formed between 2 instruments at the switch ports 1 and 3 (1 refractometer for each port), and there is a PoE device connected in these ports, 1 and 3.
The actual position and function of the lights depend on the switch.
Figure 1. Example PoE switch indicator lights
It is typical that, for example, an 8‑port PoE switch only has 4 ports supplying power.

If you keep the refractometer in a dimly-lit space, the flashing of the processor indicator lights is visible on the instrument cover. If the lights are flashing, the instrument receives power from the PoE connection.

Figure 2. Process indicator lights in refractometer

Once the refractometer is powered up, you can reach it from any correctly-configured computer connected to the same Ethernet network by typing the IP address of the instrument in a web browser. For more information, see Instrument homepage.

The factory-default IP address of the refractometer is This address always responds. For more information, see IP settings for refractometer.