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PR-23 Series User Guide

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To go to the menu display, select MENU / MENU A / MENU B or SENSOR A or SENSOR B (depending on your Main display format) in the Main display. Choose DISPLAY SETUP to change the Main display format and bar graph settings, to adjust backlight or contrast and to invert the display. In DTR program version 2.0 or newer you can also switch between the existing display languages.

Figure 1. Display setup menu

Main display format: The following figure shows the 4 different Main display formats. The dual sensor format shows information on both sensors while the 3 different single sensor formats show selected information on one sensor at a time. Choose MAIN DISPLAY FORMAT in the Display setup menu to change the Main display. The current format is shown on the display format selection display, as shown in the figure.

Figure 2. Main display format selection
An automatic 60 s (in verification 5 min) timeout makes backsteps from any display until the Main display is reached.

Display appearance: Go to DISPLAY SETUP > DISPLAY BACKLIGHT & CONTRAST. To change the values use the arrow soft keys or alternatively a one digit input, for example 8 designates 80 % when adjusting contrast.

DISPLAY INVERSION contains two choices. The default setting of the display is POSITIVE DISPLAY, which is a yellow background with black text. NEGATIVE DISPLAY is a black background with yellow text.

Bar graph settings: Go to BAR GRAPH SETTINGS to set the bar graph span and zero separately for sensors A and B.

Bar graph is only visible when Main display is in the bar graph format, see above.

Display language: Go to DISPLAY LANGUAGE to choose the DTR display language. The default language is English and it is always available. The order and number of languages in the language menu varies depending on what languages are loaded into the DTR. Language change through this menu is immediate.