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PR-23 Series User Guide

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The list below describes the request-response pairs (query messages), used for data collection through Ethernet. Mandatory response keys are preceded by an asterisk (*).

When multiple request data options are available, only one can be used at a time. Each sensor status request must be directed to either sensor A or sensor B, not both.
Table 1. Request-response pair specification
Specification Description Request ID Request data Response key
NULL message The null message is included in the query messages for debugging purposes as it is used to check whether the server is listening. The message gives a high-level ’ping’ functionality. 0x00000000 (none)
  • IP: IP address
  • MAC: Ethernet MAC address
Protocol version The version query is responded with a value representing the server (DTR) protocol version. 0x00000001 (none) *Version: integer, the server protocol version (currently 3)
DTR information The DTR information query gives the basic information of the DTR assembly. 0x00000002 (none)
  • *DTRserial: string, DTR serial number
  • *ProcessorSerial: string, processor card serial number
  • *ProgramVersion: string, main program version
  • *MBSerial: string, motherboard serial number
  • *MBVersion: string, motherboard program version
  • IFSerial: string, sensor interface serial number
  • IFVersion: string, sensor interface card program version
IFSerial and IFVersion are only supplied if the information is available.
Sensor information The sensor information query gives the basic information of the chosen sensor. 0x00000003 0x00000000 (sensor A)
  • *SensorSerial: string, sensor serial number
  • *SProcSerial: string, sensor processor card serial number
  • *SensorVersion: string, software version number
  • SensorCurrent: integer, sensor current in milliamps
0x00000001 (sensor B)
Measurement results The measurement result query gives the measured and calculated measurement values from the chosen sensor. 0x00000004 0x00000000 (sensor A)
  • Status: string, sensor status message
  • Slope: float, image quality factor (QF)
  • PTraw: integer, PT1000 value
  • LED: float, sensor led value
  • RHsens: float, sensor internal humidity
  • nD: float, calculated nD value
  • CONC: float, final concentration value
  • Tsens: float, sensor internal temperature
  • T: float, process temperature (with temperature bias)
  • Traw: float, process temperature (without bias)
  • CCD: float, image shadow edge
  • CALC: float, calculated concentration value
0x00000001 (sensor B)
DTR status 0x00000006 (none)
  • *Volt1: float, DTR internal voltage 1
  • *Volt2: float, DTR internal voltage 2
  • *DTRtemp: float, DTR internal temperature
  • Out1uA: integer, mA output 1 in uA
  • Out2uA: integer, mA output 2 in uA
  • Switches: hex string (for example, "0x00"), switch status as a bit field