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SSL/TLS certificates viewLinc 5.1

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Technical note

viewLinc Enterprise Server (ES) software requires an end-to-end secure HTTPS connection to encrypt and protect data transmitted to logged in users.

During installation, you can upload your company’s existing security certificate and key files, upload a trusted CA-signed certificate, or generate viewLinc-signed certificate and security key files.

Both viewLinc-signed and trusted certificates provide the same level of security between a web browser and the viewLinc Web Server. Table 1 outlines the key features of these certificate options.
  • If you plan to purchase trusted certificate files, choose the option to generate viewLinc-signed files during viewLinc ES installation. This will generate a .csr file which is required for the purchase of a trusted certificate.
  • Ensure the list of hostnames and aliases you provide is correct and complete
Table 1. Certificate options
viewLinc-signed certificates Trusted certificates
When to use For companies with network access limited to a few network PCs. For companies with global access needs, or using viewLinc mobile UI.

How to install

Automatically created during viewLinc installation.

Certificate request generated internally and sent to CA for paid validation.

Validity Valid for up to 10 years Generally valid for 1 year.

Cost Free Cost varies/annual renewal fee.

Action required A network administrator can automatically distribute the certificate to network PCs. The certificate must be installed individually on non-network PCs. Install the trusted certificate on viewLinc ES.
User experience Until the certificate is installed on a user’s PC, a warning message displays after the user enters viewLinc address.

The user must acknowledge the warning to access viewLinc.

When user tries to access viewLinc from a network or remote PC, no warning appears.
For instructions on upgrading a certificate to a viewLinc-signed certificate and on purchasing trusted licenses, see:
For instructions on renewing and replacing viewLinc-signed certificates, see:
1 Set a yearly schedule to replace it by re-running the installer before it expires.