Applicability with regard to Vaisala Group Terms and conditions - WindCube

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Provision 1.1 of Vaisala Group Terms and Conditions dated April 2021 (the “Vaisala TCs”) states that “Products, services, prices and other relevant information are set out in our quotation or acknowledgement of order. Products and Services, together with associated additional conditions, may be further detailed in Product specific documentation (“Product Information”) and/or Service specific documentation (“Service Information”) attached to our quotation or acknowledgement of order, or otherwise made available to you.”

For the sake of clarity, the present document shall be construed as the “Product Information” mentioned in that provision. In case of contradiction, the following documents shall supersede in decreasing order of priority:

  • The quotation addressed to the Customer;
  • Specific Conditions if relevant;
  • The WindCube® Product Information (meaning the present documents);
  • The WindCube® Technical Support and Service Information;
  • Vaisala TCs.