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WindCube v2.1- 2023/07/28 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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The WindCube is accessible through the WindCube Insights software (formerly known as Windweb), available remotely (online mode) or with a direct local connection (offline mode). Offline functionalities are limited compared to the online mode:

Users and rights management

  • Flexible and traceable user management based on specific campaign needs
  • Individual user’s accounts with customizable preferences (eg: language, alerts, email)
  • Level of access rights and periods for each Lidar defined by the system administrator (eg: data access, duration, configuration) (online mode only)

Monitor and manage

  • Comprehensive fleet overview through system status listing and geographical mapping
  • Real time monitoring and customized early warning alarms to increase uptime (online mode only)
  • Detailed indicators for Lidar system status with proposed actions for easy and fast troubleshooting

Data export and access

  • Long term storage of all data files on a secure, confidential and dedicated server
  • Automatic data export to a (S)FTP server and/or email addresses

Real time and archived data access and download from any device worldwide (online mode only). Connecting the system(s) to the internet allows accessing the full functionalities of a cloud-based platform with multi-Lidars, users and campaigns management.

Once connected to the WindCube Insights platform, the fleet overview is displayed thanks to the system status listing and geographical mapping.

WindCube Insights dashboard provides at a glance the system status, configuration, and real time measurements. Potential anomalies can be diagnosed with the detailed status page and troubleshooting suggestions. As well, system alerts can be configured to individual preferences. The data is stored on a secure server with no risk of data loss and the recorded measurements can be accessed and viewed from any desktop.

WindCube Insights includes a system administrator able to authorize a maximum of 10 users on a system. Individual access can be customized with varying levels of permissions, for different periods of time ensuring system and data security in any type of campaign.