FGW Technical Guidelines for Wind Turbine PART 6: Determination of Wind Potential and Energy Yield. Revision 9 (23/04/2015) - WindCube

WindCube v2.1- 2023/07/28 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Known as TR6, the German guideline recommends the use of standalone Lidar either in simple or complex terrain for wind resource assessment projects and sets out some rules regarding the measuring range and data availability. According to TR6, measurements need to be performed at 2/3 of the supposed turbine hub-height and register very good availability. It was demonstrated that the WindCube is entirely compliant with those requirements as it measures at high distances (up to 300 meters) and register very good availability for heights under 200 meters.

Based on this evidence, the TR6 guideline agrees that the device can entirely replace a met mast in simple and complex terrains. For the latter, as the wind flow could induce errors in Lidar wind speed reconstruction algorithm, an embedded flow correction model such as FCR (Flow Complexity Recognition) is required and fully validated by TR6.