Measnet: evaluation of site-specific wind conditions. Version 2. April 2016 - WindCube

WindCube v2.1- 2023/07/28 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Measnet standard agrees on the proved technology of remote sensing devices and its growing performance to fully answer wind resource assessment projects expectations regarding costs, risks reduction and bankability: “… remote sensing technique like Lidar and SODAR have reached a stage, where they can be considered as supplement or as alternative to mast measurement in many case”.

In simple terrain, the WindCube can be used in standalone if the device was calibrated against an IEC met mast prior to the campaign. For complex terrains, the standard requires the use of Lidar next to a short met mast (40 meters) and also validates the use of FCR (Flow Complexity Recognition). Following these recommendations, the WindCube answers every type of wind resource assessment analysis from standalone measurement to vertical and horizontal extrapolation.