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WindCube v2.1- 2023/07/28 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Precise and reliable wind resource measurements are critical for developers to increase project value. The profitability of a wind farm directly depends on uncertainty reduction during the wind resource assessment and wind turbine optimization phases. These measurements provide the essential data used to calculate the potential energy yield from a project, which in turns dedicates the terms of the project financing.

Onshore, in standalone or in combination with traditional anemometry, a mobile Lidar collecting continuously 300 meters wind profile data is ideal to better characterize the wind resource and reduce project risk. By providing bankable data to investors and owners, the WindCube can make the difference between project success and failure.

On a wind farm project, uncertainty reduction can mean millions in equity investment savings and a significant increase in the rate of return. This makes the WindCube Lidar remote sensor a quantifiably valuable asset for developers, consultants, wind farm owners and operators.

For offshore wind farms located further away, the WindCube allows to measure accurately the wind on stable platforms located several kilometers from the shore. In case of absence of platform, the measurement with a Lidar installed on a buoy, is the most effective way of performing a cost-effective wind resource assessment.