Vaisala Weather Panel Display WID513 - APA501 - WID513

Vaisala AviMet Pressure Altimeter System System Description

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Vaisala AviMet Weather Panel Display WID513 is designed for viewing real-time measurements from Vaisala wind, temperature, and pressure sensors in aviation applications, in accordance with the latest ICAO standards and recommendations.

The display uses a compact 5.7‑inch LCD screen suitable for aviation-related operating environments such as air traffic control towers, where excellent readability in both bright and dim light is required.

WID513 is an independent stand-alone display. It shows data on multiple and specially designed display pages. For more information, see Vaisala AviMet® Weather Panel Display WID513 User Guide.

WID513 is connected to the sensors through a RS‑485 connection. You can connect several WID513 displays to the same RS‑485 bus, allowing the units to back up each other and provide symmetrical display redundancy.