Standards, guidelines and current industry practices

WindCube Offshore- 2023/09/08 WindCube Offshore Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Following a long process of validations and proofs, the WindCube Offshore is accepted by all experts and various international standards and industrial guidelines already approved its use for different applications and terrains, in standalone or in complement of a met mast. Moreover, the WindCube Offshore has achieved full IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 compliance with independent third-party classifications.

Below is an overview of the most important existing practices used by WindCube users for bankable projects and contractual performance verifications. The table is summarizing which applications each standard is made for and its status. Of course, there are links between use in pre and post construction use: for example, IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 guidelines for power performance tests are already influencing wind resource assessment practices:

Table 1. Standard and status for each application
Standard Application Status
IEC 61400-15 Wind Resource Assessment In progress
IEC 61400-50-4 Wind Resource Assessment/FLS In progress
IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 Power performance testing Released
OWA Carbon Trust Wind Resource Assessment/FLS Released
IEA Wind recommends Lidar use for WRA Wind Resource Assessment Released
FGW Technical Guidelines for Wind Turbine PART 6 Wind Resource Assessment Released
Measnet: evaluation of site-specific wind conditions Wind Resource Assessment Released
DNV GL Stage 3 - Position statement Wind Resource Assessment Released
Ecofys position on Lidar use Wind Resource Assessment Released