WindCube Offshore- 2023/09/08 WindCube Offshore Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Option available only for fixed installation, not on buoy/vessel

The Geofencing option is can be embedded in WindCube Offshore with a beacon and a 3 years license. It allows to:

  • Define an authorized area where the WindCube should be
  • Localize the WindCube
  • Detect the movement of the WindCube if it is moved outside of its authorized area
  • Send alerts to inform about the movement of the WindCube outside of its authorized area and localize the system.

Once fitted on the WindCube, the Geofencing device can be activated by the purchase of a one-year or three-year license. Activation of the license is done at delivery of the WindCube when license is purchased by customer through Vaisala.

Geofencing Due to specific regulations in some worldwide regions, the nominal operation of the Geofencing delivered by Vaisala may be restricted in some countries. Vaisala has no exhaustive information on the local regulations regarding the correct functioning of Geofencing. As such, the company cannot be held liable for any malfunction due to the reasons mentioned above and/or for applicable local specific regulations. Also, as already stipulated in Vaisala General Terms and Conditions, the client warrants that the product received conforms to applicable local regulations especially in terms of Export control.