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WindCube Offshore- 2023/09/08 WindCube Offshore Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Option available only for fixed installation, not on FLS buoy/vessel.

Through several years of experience, Vaisala believes that the optimal solution for power pack operations strongly depends on the local climate, the system relocation and the desired autonomy. With this in mind we have established several partnerships with power pack providers in order to best meet your power supply needs.

Today, there are several technologies available to suit your project best:

  • Methanol fuel cell: compact and environmentally friendly power solution
  • Diesel: the perfect solution in countries where Methanol fuel cells are not allowed
  • Solar panels: usually used in addition to a power solution mentioned above to increase autonomy

We support our customers in finding the solution best suited to your needs through our network of partners.

In addition to the worldwide established partnerships, the WindCube comes up with a standard power supply system. Plug and play solution based on methanol fuel cell, the ProCube is suitable in any location with remote control and fuel cell monitoring via WindCube Insights. While checking the fuel cell status and the overall Power Pack, the following information can be displayed:

  • Battery voltage 24.73V
  • Output current from the fuel cell (not the current consumed by the WindCube) 1.52A
  • Operating time (charge mode) 217.9h
  • Operating state
  • Operating mode
  • Cumulative output energy 21811.6Wh
  • Error status
  • Cartridge consumption (in case of problem, a notification will be automatically sent by email)

Warranty duration associated with the EFOY ProCube is 1-year from date when the transfer of risk of the power solution occurs according to the chosen Incoterm (ICC 2020), as stated in its transportation document.

Figure 1. EFOY ProCube used to autonomously supply power to WindCube

EFOY ProCube is a non-embedded option and comes with a specific warranty of one (1) year or four thousand (4,000) operating hours (first term reached) from date of delivery of that power solution according to the chosen Incoterm (ICC 2020), as stated in its transportation document.

Warranty conditions of the LIDAR System described in the WindCube Technical Support and Service Information document also apply for the specific warranty to the EFOY ProCube. As a result Vaisala shall in no case bear any cost (parts and persons) linked to the commissioning and/or decommissioning of the EFOY ProCube (including travel of employees by any means) in an offshore environment (such as but not limited to EFOY ProCube deployed on oil and gas platforms, offshore wind turbines and/or vessels).

EFOY ProCube is delivered with SFC edited user manual and conditions of use which are to be observed by any of its users. EFOY ProCube solution can be supplied with our without Solar panels and Batteries to facilitate transport and imports regulations.