3 and 4G router

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WindCube Offshore is equipped with a 3G or 4G router. A 4G router is today available for EMEA countries (Europe, Middle East and Africa), China and the USA. More regions will be regularly added, therefore please contact Vaisala for more details regarding your specific request for new countries.

3G or 4G antenna is also delivered along with the router to ensure complete configuration.

3 or 4G router

Due to specific regulations in some regions of the world, the nominal operation of the router delivered by Vaisala may be restricted in some countries. Vaisala has no accurate information on the local regulations regarding the correct functioning of the 4G router.

As such, Vaisala cannot be held liable for any malfunction due to the reasons mentioned above and/or for applicable local specific regulations. Also, as already stipulated in Vaisala General Terms and Conditions, the client warrants that the product received conforms to applicable local regulations especially in terms of Export control.

Customer/user also in charge of SIM card and associated costs. Vaisala cannot be held liable for any costs or lost data related to communication.