How are software updates carried out ?

WindCube v2.1 - 2024/01/24 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Once Customer gives his consent, if WindCube is online (connected to WindCube Insights Fleet) and without the “low data consumption mode” activated, Technical Support can update the Software (remotely).

If the WindCube is offline, Technical Support will ask Customer to put it online and to connect it to WindCube Insights Fleet software, so that Technical Support can update Software (remotely).


If WindCube cannot be connected to WindCube Insights Fleet (no communication available) or has the “low data consumption mode” activated, Software update requires a direct access to WindCube. Technical Support can send Maintenance Tool + update installer to L1 trained Customer. L1 Trained Customer can then update Software once he will have direct access to the WindCube. For Traceability reason, Customer must always contact Technical Support to inform them the updated WindCube Serial Number.

For any repair requesting Laser Chain change, and for on-site preventive maintenance, by Vaisala field Engineer or L3 trained partner, Laser Chain is replaced by latest version including latest Software release.

In Vaisala service center

During preventive maintenance, for any intervention at Vaisala factory, last LIDAR Software updates, compatible with considered Hardware, will be applied to the system directly.

Figure 1. Software updates process