Lidar Software update

WindCube v2.1 - 2024/01/24 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Lidar Software will be updated :

  • During preventive maintenance, for any intervention at Vaisala factory, last LIDAR Software updates, compatible with considered Hardware, will be applied to the system directly.
  • For any repair requesting Laser Chain change, and for on-site preventive maintenance, Laser Chain is replaced by latest version including latest Software release
  • On specific customer demand to Technical Support.
  • For Quality Reason, VAISALA may wish to update WindCube fleet (LIDAR in operation). If update needs to be performed out of maintenance (as described above), Technical Support will contact Customer to ask its approval.

Software update can be performed by L1 trained person, with relevant equipment. Technical Support should be contacted in all cases.

Detailed content of each LIDAR Software release is described in Software release note, available at Technical Support.

No Software downgrade is possible (only upgrade to latest version is possible, if Hardware is compatible).