Vaisala or Partner on-site Onshore intervention

WindCube v2.1 - 2024/01/24 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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The LIDAR System is designed to allow for on-site repair and maintenance. In case Vaisala Technical Support provides the choice between Factory repair and on-site Intervention (under specific cost and duration conditions), the Client shall communicate its decision within 3 business days. Cost and duration quoted for the on-site intervention are linked to the Travel and Expenses of Vaisala employees, availability of field engineers and duration to ship spare parts to the country of destination.

The LIDAR System shall be made available at an Onshore location with an easy access ensuring field engineer works in safe condition (no risk of personal injury or WindCube damage, WindCube operating temperature range). The environment must allow physical access to all sides of the Lidar, to enable diagnosis and repair. Once repair or preventive maintenance is performed, location must allow the WindCube to be checked for full operation: access to wind measurements in the open air (without obstructions).

Travel costs and expenses incurred by the Vaisala technician or Service Partner are charged to the Customer.

Vaisala organizes and pays for shipment to the Customer of spare parts required prior to on-site intervention using Incoterm DAP or CIP depending on country of destination.

The Client is responsible to pay and ship the deteriorated parts back to Vaisala using DAP Incoterm ICC 2020.

Technical Support may also propose to organize this shipment from Customer to Vaisala and quote this freight to the Customer. If Customer accepts the offer, he will have to make the parts available for pick-up and pay the freight organized by Vaisala.