On-site preventive maintenance

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WindCube has been specifically designed to perform maintenance at Customer's site. It is a unique feature for WindCube to improve operational continuity and reduce Customer logistic. The on-site preventive maintenance duration is one (1) day on average. Vaisala is responsible and pays for the inbound transport of the new parts using Incoterm DAP or CIP depending on the country of destination (to Client onshore site) and Client organizes and pays the outbound transport of the old parts (to Vaisala).

Technical Support may also propose to organize the shipment of the customer's used parts to Vaisala and quote this freight to the Customer. If the Customer accepts the offer, he will have to make the parts available for pick-up and pay the freight organized by Vaisala.

The above described maintenance conditions also apply to the on-site preventive maintenance(1). In addition, the Customer should ensure that the site has:

- A shelter to protect the Lidar and field engineer from environmental conditions such as rain

- Access to power supply from the grid for the field engineer

- Sufficient power supply for the Lidar operation (as specified in user manual section 4.3)

- A robust internet connection by either Ethernet, WiFi or Router

The following maintenance steps apply for the Client and the Service Center :

  1. Once a date of intervention and location have been agreed upon, the Service Center secures the required validated parts for the maintenance.
  2. Two weeks before the intervention, the Client should ensure that the LIDAR system is operating correctly. The objective is to ensure the intervention will be successful, and there is no major damage outside of the parts that needs maintenance.
  3. The Service Center sends parts to the Client using DAP or CIP Incoterm ICC 2020 depending on the country of destination.
  4. Before intervention of Vaisala field engineer, as before the start of any service operation, the Customer is required to save all Lidar data.
  5. On the agreed date, a Service Center field engineer arrives at the site along with the required parts.
  6. Once on-site, the field engineer performs a quick check on the LIDAR System to verify if the system operates correctly and to check if everything is in order for the maintenance.
  7. The field engineer replaces the LIDAR system core sub-components with validated parts, for instance a validated Laser Chain. Additional parts that need maintenance are also changed if needed, based on Client diagnostic at step 2.
  8. The field engineer performs an acceptance test to verify the system is working properly.
  9. The Client organizes and pays for the shipment of the parts back to the Service Center premises using DAP Incoterm ICC 2020.
  10. Once back in factory, the defective parts are refurbished and stored, whenever possible.
1 On-site preventive maintenance is only available at year three (3). A factory maintenance (Vaisala or service partner) is required at year six (6)