Training program conditions

WindCube v2.1 - 2024/01/24 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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  • The training language is either English or French according to the Client requirement.
  • Vaisala maintains a list of accredited users with their level and the validity date of their accreditation. Regular refresher training sessions must be performed by Vaisala to maintain the right level of skills for each staff involved at each level of use.
  • The Lidar System cannot be operated by non-qualified and non-accredited staff.
  • The transfer of skills is possible only after having duly trained and been qualified to train other internal users (inside trainer's own organization).
  • If relevant, training participants shall be subject to a confidentiality agreement intended to protect Vaisala‚Äôs know-how.

The profile of the trainee candidates must be submitted by the Client in advance and approved by Vaisala prior to the commencement of the training program. The following table states the required skills to attend each training level:

Training location

Assuming below conditions are fulfilled, L1, TT1, L2 training can be done either on-site, at Customer location, or in factory, at Vaisala location. Some official Vaisala partner, with valid contract and expertise level, may also offer L1 training at their location.

It can be advised to perform L1 training at Customer location, to ensure good understanding of Customer usage, and provide personalized advices and support for WindCube installation, considering Customer and environmental constraints.

During L2 training, trainer will operate and exercise on WindCube. When performed at Customer location, training will be performed using Customer WindCube. Therefore it might be recommended to perform L2 training at Vaisala location. Although unlikely to occur, any involuntary damage created to WindCube by trainee at Vaisala location, could be repaired locally, with no impact on Customer's own asset.

Level Skills

- English

- Elementary computing and IT skills

- Elementary mechanical skills

- Elementary electrical skills

- Use of basic tools


L1 skills +

- Advanced skills in signal processing


L1 skills +

- Mechanical and electrical engineering

Level Duration Maximum attendees Certificate validity duration Refresher training duration Means
L1 1.5 days 5 3 years 0,5 day (MooC)

Fully available Lidar system.

Room with video-projector.

Easy access to outdoor location.

TT1 2 days (L1 included) 3 3 years 2 days
L2 1 day 5 2 years 1 day

Fully available Lidar system + spares.

Room with video-projector. Outdoor location enabling wind speed measurement, with no Lidar laser beams obstruction.

Easy access to outdoor location. Toolbox L2+ Workshop + 1 dedicated PC per attendee. Including ESD protection (grounded ESD wristband) and clean areas (contamination free) for handling electronic board.