Vaisala training program

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WindCube training program is divided into levels of skills :

Level Objectives
Quick Start : L1

A trainee passing Level 1 is autonomous in:

- installation,

- setting-up and checking the good working operation of the Lidar

- performing basic routine maintenance of the Lidar

- performing basic failure diagnosis of the Lidar

TT1 (optional)

A trainee passing the Trainer Training 1 (TT1) level is able to train

people to L1 inside its own organization(1).

TT1 training can be given only by Vaisala.

TT1 trainee can provide L1 training but NOT TT1 training.


A trainee passing Level 2 is able to

- conduct trouble shooting using advanced diagnostics

- perform components advanced repairs, except for optical components

All training courses end with a theoretical and practical evaluation test that will validate the acquired skills. A training certificate is issued for each trainee who passed the evaluation test. This certificate has a limited validity period and VAISALA reserves the right to modify the validity of such certificates by prior information to the Client.

The content of each training is given in the flowing table. This caption is used:

Domain Item/subset/test L1 TT1 L2
Basics Doppler Lidar technology

Advanced training

WindCube design architecture
Security and hazards
Installation and set-up Physical installation
Electrical connection
Network connection
Lidar configuration
Software update
Fine leveling and orientation to the north
Data access
Switch off
Options configurations

For options purchased

For all options

WindCube packing
General checks System status check
General check and cleaning
Routine maintenance

Components replacement

Sprinkler pump and tubing
Casing air filters
Wiper Blade
Wiper Engine
Options replacement or installation
Electronic boards
Measurement Noise spectrum analysis
Signal acquisition analysis
Lidar signal analysis (CNR)


Check up

Laser system (output power, pulse shape, range gating)
Electrical check



◆ Spare parts

Upon Customer's request, Vaisala Technical Support can send spare parts for repair or a particular installation. These spare parts may only be used with an appropriate level of training.

The training courses are executed by a Vaisala expert engineer (expert in both optoelectronic and LIDAR technology). Training or assistance services provided for in this article that require Vaisala personnel to travel to the Client are quoted separately, including travel expenses.

1 Only Vaisala official distributors, with valid delegation contract, once trained TT1, are allowed to provide training outside their organization.