WindCube v2.1 - 2024/01/24 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Initial and Warranty extension cover the LIDAR System, as initially delivered by Vaisala, including accessories necessary for its operating, as initially configured in the purchase quote: power supply converter (original ACDC or DCDC), PTH, water pump, 3G/4G modem and antenna. Consumables (such as wiper blades) are not under warranty. Warranty does not include options that may be chosen by the Client, in addition to the LIDAR System itself, such as Winterkit, external autonomous Power supply, Geofence, Satellite Modem, birdspikes... The repair costs of those options are borne by the Client.

Vaisala shall, during the validity of the Warranty, replace components that may be defective. As a principle, in no case shall the replacement be of the entire LIDAR System. No repair nor maintenance extends the Warranty. Warranty extension and conditions are described in Warranty extension paragraph. As a specific condition to General Conditions of Sale and Service of Vaisala France SAS, Parts repaired are warrantied for three (3) months from completion of the repair.

If the LIDAR System is verified by a third party, Vaisala standard warranty neither covers the continuity of this verification, nor includes a new verification. Special request shall be made by Customer.