Reminder of logistics conditions under Warranty conditions

WindCube v2.1 - 2024/01/24 WindCube - Vertical Profiler Lidar

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Vaisala shall, during the validity of the Warranty, use its best efforts to correct any LIDAR dysfunction. To this effect, Vaisala shall conduct a diagnostic of the dysfunctions first remotely with the local support of the Client technical coordinator and supply a corrective if deemed necessary.

May the LIDAR System or the related components need to be sent back to Vaisala premises, the Client is responsible and pays to send “Delivery at place” the LIDAR System or the related components back to Vaisala premises (DAP Incoterm ICC 2020).

Where the Warranty is rightfully invoked, the eventual cost of shipment of material to the Client site (including the LIDAR System and/or dedicated spare parts), packaging, insurance shall be borne by Vaisala. As an exception to the present provision, Vaisala shall in no case bear any cost (parts and persons) linked to the commissioning and/or decommissioning of the LIDAR System (including travel of employees by any means) in an offshore environment (such as but not limited to LIDAR System deployed on oil and gas platforms, buoy, offshore wind turbines and/or vessels). Furthermore, Vaisala reserves the right to apply the same restrictions in case the onshore access of the LIDAR System needs specific support (such as the request of specific authorization and the deployment of specific material).

After performance of the Warranty operation, Vaisala is responsible and pays to send back the LIDAR System and/or dedicated spare parts to the Client onshore premises by using the same Incoterm as agreed at initial delivery of the LIDAR System. Unless otherwise priory agreed by Vaisala, the delivery place shall be the Client's initial place stated in the quotation.

LIDAR System design offers the possibility that, as a principle, all type of repair can be made at the Customer site of operation. However, if repair cannot be performed on-site, Technical Support will inform customer. For more information, refer to End-User On-site Intervention and Restriction for on-site repair chapters.