An industrial organization to ease our Customers' operations

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To best serve our Customers and ease their operations with WindCube Onshore and Offshore, Vaisala industrial and servicing capabilities are developed following three pillars:

  • An International footprint to locally serve our Customers:
    • 2 strategic production sites: Paris-Saclay in France, Shanghai in China
    • 3 service hubs : Europe and Rest of the World, Asia-Pacific and North America
    • Local partners trained by Vaisala
    • Local spare parts’ stock
  • A wide range of services
    • On-site: installation, site survey, training, Site Acceptance Test (SAT), repair, preventive maintenance
    • In workshop: accelerated flow solution (available even when borders are closed for people), Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), optional guaranteed case duration for repair
    • Online: remote refresher training & monitoring, E-learning (Mooc)
    • 3rd Party verification
    • Specific engineering & scientific support
    • Door to door logistic services (in Europe and APAC, other countries decided case by case)
  • An experienced Service Team:
    • Field engineer Teams located in Europe, US, China and Australia
    • In total 17 field engineers available
    • High technical level & flexibility
    • Worldwide online Technical Support 24/7
    • Multilingual speakers