Third Party IEC Compliant verification

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As an additional service, a WindCube can be fully verified according to the IEC by a third-party including but not limited to Deutsche WindGuard, DNV, Pavana or UL. These independent wind specialists are accredited to certify the measurement quality and traceability to National Standards of a WindCube.

An IEC Compliant Verification is the result of a measurement campaign of a Lidar against an IEC Compliant Met Mast.

A verification report, which includes an assessment of measurement uncertainties, is issued by the certifier and is transmitted to the Client along with the LIDAR System. Criteria are set out by the independent third party so no specification of the Client will be taken into account.

Verification sites and conditions may vary from one third-party to another. Further information about the available verification sites and service terms can be provided upon request.

Vaisala is not responsible for the execution of such service, its duration and regarding any deterioration that could occur during the carrying out of this service. Furthermore, such service shall not extend the Warranty Period, meaning that, the Warranty starts at availability / delivery to such third party. It is understood that Vaisala has no power in the choice of the location where such service will be provided. Therefore, it could take place either in the premises of the independent service provider or in any other place that it designates as appropriate.

In the event the independent third party express any reservation on the verification of the LIDAR System, Vaisala commits to mitigate to those reservations under the conditions stipulated in the Technical Support and Service Information document. In the event that, following subscription by the Client of a verification service provided by an independent third party, such service is executed, the LIDAR System subject to the verification process shall be deemed as delivered to the Client as for the date of its reception by the independent third party.