Defining a Modbus Device in viewLinc - viewLinc 5.1 - VNET

Connecting Modbus devices to viewLinc 5.1 Technical Note

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viewLinc 5.1
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Technical note
The configuration process in viewLinc for TCP or RTU is similar. In viewLinc use the Add Modbus Device function to define various parameters such as: device model, serial number, calibration information. Then, add the Modbus registers that contain the measurement data. To add a Modbus device in viewLinc, perform the following steps:
  1. Log into viewLinc as a user with rights to Manage System. Ensure that the license for Non-Vaisala Modbus Devices has been enabled if you will be connecting a non-Vaisala Modbus device. This is not required for Vaisala Modbus devices.
  2. Navigate to Sites Manager and select Hosts and Devices.
  3. In the Hosts and Devices tree select a viewLinc Device Host server, then select Configure > Add Device > Vaisala Modbus Device or Non-Vaisala Modbus Device.
  4. In the Add Modbus Device window, enter a device Description (do not use < or >), Model (do not use dashes, --), then add a unique Serial Number(alphanumeric only).
  5. Select Communication Type; either Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU Serial. Enter the communication settings: the IP address, port number, and unit ID. These must be a unique combination for Modbus TCP devices.
  6. Enter viewLinc Channel Details for each channel you want to add to viewLinc from the Modbus device. Use the channel save icon to commit your channel settings and enable additional channels for this device. Each channel must have its communication tested in order to verify correct configuration.
  7. Click Add to save this Modbus device to the system, or click Save as template to quickly add similar Modbus devices in the future.